A Fox's Brand New Blog

Hey Everyone.

I've been meaning to start my tech blog for years now, and I've been slacking on it.  I've finally decided to start it.  So, welcome to my blog, Read The Fox's Manual.

To set some expectations, you're going to see a variety of tech topics discussed.  I'm hoping to cover everything from Java to cloud computing.  On the process side of things, I want to cover DevOps and Agility.  I want to write articles on development for Alexa and Google Home as well as writing bots for ChatOps.  Essentially, I plan on covering all of the topics that I find interesting.

I'll be open to other ideas as well.  I would love to have the comments section be a realm of conversation and discussion.  Ideally, I want to learn from this blog as well as share any ideas I have.

So, grab a beer and pull up a chair, and let's see where this goes.


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